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WiFi Wireless Coverage and Transmission Mapping Analysis

We rely more and more on our WiFi wireless connectivity to access our local area networks and the internet from our computing and other technology devices. Even though WiFi speeds have increased from a fraction of that provided by wired connections to the same and even higher speeds, our new reliance on WiFi means that haphazard placement of WiFi access points and assignment of WiFi radio channels cannot meet the new demands.

The Softwave Inc. has the ability to measure the actual radio coverage of your existing WiFi access points with great benefits to our clients. This helps us engineer improvements in access point radio channel assignments and locations.

We can also recommend SSID (Service Set Identification names) creation that allows your secured, private network connections over the same WiFi infrastructure as guest access for the convenience of visitors to your location. This way you don’t have to accept separate access points to have different logins requiring you to have to login several times as you move around your office space.

We can create clusters or a mesh of access points with a single login covering very large WiFi network spaces.

We can provide an active and passive signal performance map to verify the functional coverage of your wireless access point installation. We can locate conflicting radio sources that reduce speed and cause trouble on your WiFi network. We can help you upgrade to the newest and highest performance WiFi access points so that you can use your new mobile devices and laptops at their maximum speeds while maintaining connection to the slower devices operating at older, slower specifications.

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