Designs, implements and manages information technology (IT) gateways and infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure Services

Secured inside your Technology Gateway and inside your physical office, your company operates on your business plan, growing your business. Your employees contact customers, create proposals, deliver goods and services, and invoice those customers for your company’s efforts on their behalf.

Today these activities are supported by your company’s Technology Infrastructure which includes personal computers, servers, switches, wireless access points, digital printers and security cameras, digital phones, mobile devices and possibly digitally controlled manufacturing systems. These devices operate on structured cabling and WiFi wireless connections between the devices and through your Technology Gateway to the rest of your business community.

The success of your business today relies on your Technology Infrastructure operating to support your employees’ efforts. That’s why The SoftWave is your best choice to evaluate your infrastructure needs, optimize your existing systems, and design productive solutions so your business can grow. Whether it is your main office, a branch office or a mobile worker, we can be trusted to provide you with effective, cost conscious designs, devices and services to optimize your business performance.

Because we’ve worked with single entrepreneur companies and helped them grow from home offices to small team enterprises and to larger offices, and have even facilitated moves and mergers, we have the experience your business needs. The SoftWave can join your team to guide your decisions, optimizing your Technology Infrastructure to meet your business goals.