Designs, implements and manages information technology (IT) gateways and infrastructure

Technology Gateway Assessment

If your company is like most of our new clients, your company’s existing Technology Gateway probably evolved over time without a holistic design and complete documentation.

Today, your current and future needs will be better met with a comprehensive assessment by The SoftWave. Your gateway will be evaluated and documented so that immediate maintenance is easier, and any change in devices or services to increase performance and reliability can be the most appropriate and least expensive for your needs.

Technology Gateway Assessment Report

This report will provide you with a single source to answer questions about the design of your voice and data gateway equipment and service providers. It will include:

  • A schematic diagram of the technology gateway identifying key system components and service providers.
  • A detailed equipment list including manufacturers, model numbers, serial numbers, warranty information, existing service contracts, current configuration, and passwords to manage devices.
  • A list of service providers for internet access, internet name contractor, web site provider, voice service provider, and connection specifications. You will also be able to use it to quickly find phone numbers, contract numbers, and service level agreements you currently have.