Designs, implements and manages information technology (IT) gateways and infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure Assessment

Unless your company is a brand new startup, you have an existing Technology Infrastructure that has grown with time. You have taken advantage of various information sources to create the connections and choose devices to build out the system your business currently runs.

We have assessed and evaluated installations with structured wiring where segments exceeded the length specifications that insure reliable Ethernet device performance. We have seen business systems with multiple residential style wireless access points in a large building setting where the users had to log in multiple times just to walk their tablets across the building. And presented our solutions to fix those problems.

Your current and future needs will be better met with a comprehensive assessment by The SoftWave. Your infrastructure will be documented so that immediate maintenance is easier, and any change to devices or services to increase capabilities, system efficiency, and reliability can be the most appropriate and least expensive for your needs.

The Technology Infrastructure Assessment Reports

The Technology Infrastructure Assessment Report that we provide you with is a single source to answer questions about the design of your data, and about video and voice network equipment and services. It will include:

  • A schematic diagram of your technology infrastructure identifying key devices and services.
  • A detailed equipment list including manufacturers’ model numbers, serial numbers, warranty information, existing service contracts, current configuration, and passwords to manage devices.
  • A list of service providers for device warranty support. You will be able to use it to quickly find phone numbers, contract numbers, and service agreements you currently have in place.
  • Optionally, you can have your structured wiring checked for installation issues like cable category choice, length issues, termination, and connector choices.
  • Optionally, you can have your WiFi wireless network checked. We can provide an active and passive signal performance map to verify the functional coverage of your wireless access point installation.