Designs, implements and manages information technology (IT) gateways and infrastructure

Technology Gateway Services

Your Technology Gateway opens up to your local area network infrastructure. It includes your firewall, internet service router and connections to your internet service and telecommunications providers. Through this gateway all of your data and voice information flows.

Your company relies on its voice and data communication links to its community, including clients, suppliers, employees and others. Today those resource links are dependent on “internet protocol” devices and service providers.

The SoftWave is your best choice to evaluate your requirements, to design solutions to optimize your links and to monitor and manage those devices and service providers.

Our processes will ensure that you continue to receive the service levels your systems were designed to deliver. When you trust your Technology Gateway maintenance to The SoftWave, scheduled reviews will help prompt you to modernize your systems as new products and services emerge to better and more cost effectively meet your business goals.

Let us be your guide to appropriate choices for your Technology Gateway.