Designs, implements and manages information technology (IT) gateways and infrastructure

Remote Monitoring

Maintenance of device programming patches, upgrades, and malware protection are also key aspects of your Technology Infrastructure. We have the experience and tools to help make those maintenance functions happen rapidly and inexpensively. Using remote monitoring and management tools, the overhead costs of technician visits to your offices can be minimized, saving your valuable cash resources to improve your business.

These tools can be configured to alert us when situations occur in your Technology Infrastructure and trigger us to act to correct issues quickly. Multiple service provider trouble tickets can be generated, dispatched, and monitored to completion using our service tools. The SoftWave teams with you on these proactive efforts to ensure that your efforts are focused on your core business to grow your bottom line.

Business Disaster Recovery

The data that your employees create in customer lists and customer relationship management databases, production documents, contracts, and accounting records is vital to the operation of your business. For many years, on-site tape back-up systems have been the choice for data protection. Today, there are new and faster technologies to keep your data safe.

The SoftWave can help you with a design that meets your needs to keep that data safe and addresses your concerns regarding the location of your backup data and the speed of recovery in case of local data loss. Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) is a key term describing our data backup and restoral processes.

Disasters are not normally the most frequently responded to issue in business, but are covered by our BDR umbrella. Single file recovery (when a “file save” is missed) and many other more common issues occurring daily are also part of the SoftWave plan for your data safety.