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Feeling unsatisfied with our services? We’d hate to see you go!

We believe in customer satisfaction and if you’re not happy with The Soft Wave services, please contact us at any time to talk about your experience. We’re always trying to enhance our services to provide you with the best we can and when we make a mistake, we want to set that right. You can cancel the services anytime. Simply call us and our customer service team will guide you through the process.

If you’re just looking for more information, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about The Soft Wave refunds and cancellations policies?


“Can I Downgrade My Membership?”

Absolutely, if you decide that your current service level does not suit your needs, you can call us at any time to explore alternative plans.

“I’m canceling because my computer is broken.”


Just because your computer hardware has finally “given up the ghost,” you don’t have to give up your membership. We’re happy to halt your membership for you until you purchase a new computer. That’s way, you don’t have to pay setup fees again, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of The Soft Wave services.


The terms and conditions for The Soft Wave plans and services are subject to change, alter, upgrade or terminate without any prior notice. The Soft Wave reserves the right to terminate any service at any time without prior notice.


The Soft Wave is entitled to cancel, modify or suspend the service if we detect that the user is using our services in illegitimate manner, presenting offensive or obscene content, violating the rights to privacy and publicity or civil rights of other, defaming third party or entity or publishing intolerant, threatening or harassing material.


If The Soft Wave is not able to give you proper resolution to your problems or if you are not satisfied with our service, then you can ask for a full refund of money within 30 days of subscription. We offer 100% money-back guarantee if we are unable to solve your computer related issue within the promised time.


You can e-mail your complaints at support@thesoftwave.ca within 30 days of work done. Else, you expressly renounce any ability to dispute the quality of service or refusal to pay our service and related charges. We will work as soon as possible to resolve the issue related to your complaint. Any and all complaints that are not fixed will be resolved on obligatory basis.