Designs, implements and manages information technology (IT) gateways and infrastructure

About The Softwave

The Softwave Inc provides information technology products and services to small and medium sized business.

We design, implement and manage information technology (IT) gateway and infrastructure services. Our technical team can help you build “on premise” and “cloud” computing solutions. You can also trust your IT operations, security, application and mobile device management systems to the softwave.

We run an audit on your network, see if there are any weaknesses in your infrastructure and advise you on solutions that will rid you of your frustration and give you the peace of mind knowing your network is secure, efficient, and operating at its best.

Technology Advisor Program

The SoftWave offers a Technology Advisor Program to help you to understand emerging technologies and help with your plans to utilize technology solutions. With the softwave service agreements, you are shielded from many of the distractions that IT can present, and you can focus on growing your company.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to help businesses work efficiently by providing fast response, reliable, and affordable IT services. We look to build long-term relationships with clients by providing solutions that fit their technical as well as financial goals.
As we move forward into the age of technology, businesses are relying more and more on computer systems and software. Working remotely and accessing your resources anytime and anywhere is becoming a reality as well. All this requires IT support and solutions so that a secure and reliable access is available 24×7. We, at The Soft Wave, aim to provide 24×7 customer support and fast response in less than 30 min.

Research shows that companies spend from 8% to 25% of their annual budget on IT and IT-related expenses. On top of that, delays caused due to unavailability of IT technicians create additional loss in revenue. We, at The Soft Wave, aim to address these issues by providing affordable and customer specific IT solutions.

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation